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Design “K”

Cupola design oven powered mainly on gas with a separate space in the baking chamber for wood. The main goal is to have easy operations on gas as wood is added in the baking chamber for flavour. Produced with two burners, highly efficient oven. The rotating base makes the oven very efficient. Produced in two optional finishes – silicone coating and mosaic finish with multiple colour and design options. Modern, highly efficient and very attractive. All technical parameters are shown below.

MIX120RKS (Two Burners)

*Dimensions are in cm

Capacity pizzas Ø30cm: 9
Productivity per hour pizza Ø30cm: 135
Consumption of firewood per hour /kg/: 3-4
Weight /kg/: 1600

Gas Parameters
Constructive Type B11
Category II2H3 +
Nozzle: 3/4 “

Gas Consumption
– methane:  mc/h: 6.3
– LPG gas:    kg/h:  3.6
Thermal Power:
Dome Burner: 26 kW
Floor Burner: 12 kW

Gas Pressure
– G30-31: 37 mbar
– G20: 20 mbar
– G25: 25 mbar

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