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Aimed at the proper functioning of this site we sometimes store small files with data called “Cookies” in your device.

What are Cookies like?
Cookies are small text files which are stored in your computer or mobile device when you visit a certain web site. They allow the web site to memorize your actions and preferences (as, for instance, user name, language, amount of font and other settings for presentation) for a certain defined time period aimed at your entering them each time when you visit the site or pass from one page to another not being needed.

What manner do we use Cookies in?
The Cookies we use are such which preserve information about the settings of accessibility of the site, which means – amount of the font, color topic, formatting the code styles.

We also use Session Cookies aimed at your logging up each time when you change a current page of the site not being needed.

How should you control Cookies?
You may control and/or erase Cookies whenever you wish to do so – for more information see aboutcookies.org.

You may erase all the Cookies which already are stored on your computer.

You may set up most browsers to block them up. If you do that, however, it might become necessary that you should manually set up some parameters each time when you visit any site and further to that it is also possible that some services and functions will not work.