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Wood-fired Ovens

Wood burning pizza ovens are classical… used for decades for pizza production. By wood burning in the baking chamber over the baking process a true classical taste with magnificent color and light smoked taste is achieved for really great pizza. The dome shape of the baking chamber is providing equal baking, classical shape and high productivity. The chamber is made of refractory material with very high percentage of  aluminium oxide, which makes it extremely strong and wear-resistant. It is hand build of large monolithic segments and periodical luting is not needed, as it is with the brick build ovens. We construct and produce our baking chambers with high thickness /70-80mm/ , with big weight / 800-1200kg/ ,  and because of that we achieve great accumulative heat effect, which is insurance for the thermal stability of our ovens – even at very intensive work they don’t lose their temperature regime and ensure high level of efficiency.


Static Ovens

The static baking surface is used in classical pizza ovens where pizzas are to be manually rotated within the baking chamber. Ideal for the experienced pizza master who loves tradition and self-regulated work.

Rotary Ovens

The rotating baking surface is used for modern pizza ovens where the speed and direction of rotation can be modified. It is ideal for high production and providing equal baking and easy operations.

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